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SafeTime™ is the simplest, fully-integrated school safety app that quickly alerts authorities about suspicious activity seen online and at school. Add it to your child’s phone today.   

The most important school threat reporting app we hope you’ll never have to use.

A swift response to a threat can enhance school safety. As simple as forwarding an Instagram post to a friend, SafeTime allows students and teachers to quickly and directly alert the proper authorities and local administration to any threatening or harmful real-time or online activity including links, videos, images, texts and other suspicious behaviors and content. It's that simple.


About Us

Artis Magi is a digital technology company rooted in over 20 years of field research from preeminent scientists in cognitive, socio-cultural and computer science disciplines.

The well-being of our children and the security of our schools are top priorities for us. We believe school safety is a shared responsibility within our communities. In an effort to empower our students and teachers – who oftentimes have information about potential threats well before school staff and law enforcement agencies – we have created SafeTime.

This app-based technology strives to mitigate violent targeting of schools and other forms of potential harm by enabling faster response to suspicious behavior and potential threats. SafeTime allows students and teachers to report threatening messages and unsafe online/offline content in a simple, easy to use interface.

With our app, students can easily submit links, videos, images, texts, audio files and other suspicious content – whether viewed online or witnessed in person – from their mobile device directly to law enforcement for assessment and response.


Asked Questions

How is privacy protected through this app?

What types of activity should students report?

What happens if students upload a false report?

Will I be alerted if my student submits a report?

As a parent or guardian can I submit reports through the app?

How will school phone policy potentially affect use of the app?

How long will it take to get my application approved?


Contact Us

For registration issues or technical support, drop us a message at:


If you are an educator, administrator, law enforcement professional or otherwise interested party, we would love to hear from you. Use the form to get in touch and learn more about how we can help protect students in your school, district or region.

We can arrange demonstrations, consultations or discuss custom school safety solutions.

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